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Buying a North Wales Holiday Home: Here’s What to Expect

When you invest in a North Wales holiday home, you get a lot more than a sumptuous lodge to share with your family: you’ll earn a lifelong ticket to this breathtaking part of the country.

Here’s what your future holidays and staycations can look like.

Why choose a North Wales holiday home?

A holiday lodge isn’t simply an investment: it’s a luxurious lifestyle upgrade for your household.

A home away from home will allow you to enjoy many more holidays and shorter breaks. And the best part? You’ll never have to worry about stressful bookings or flights. Basically, many more holidays without the stress of planning and organising them.

Another benefit of buying a holiday lodge is that you’ll save money in the long run. This isn’t just because it’s much cheaper (and quicker) than purchasing a second home, but because you’ll no longer need to pay for hotels whenever you crave some time off.

But why choose a North Wales holiday home instead of other spots in the UK?

Because this area offers everything you could possibly want (and more!).

Here’s what to do in North Wales once you can rely on a holiday home

Over 370 miles of coastline and beaches, a mountainous national park covering 823 square miles, waterfalls, woods, an actual rainforest, dozens of castles, Medieval towns, bustling cities and quaint villages…

With a North Wales holiday home, you’ll get to make the most of both worlds: always returning to a familiar place but never running out of new things to see and do.

With such a wide variety of landscapes, tourist attractions and activities, North Wales truly has something for every single member of your family!

How to purchase a North Wales holiday home: step-by-step guide

Before investing in a North Wales holiday home, there are a few things that you should consider in order to find a place that allows you all to embrace the lifestyle of your dreams.

As we explain in our guide to purchasing a North Wales holiday home, you should first:

  • Decide who exactly you’re planning on bringing along with you: will you be going as a couple, with your parents, or with your children? Would you like the option of having a spare bedroom, or would you not use it often enough to justify the difference in price? If you have pets, you must also check that the actual holiday park allows them
  • Be realistic but wise with your budget: as well as the actual price, consider bills and maintenance costs. For example, while an energy-efficient lodge might cost a bit more upfront, it would end up saving you money in the long run
  • Do some brainstorming: before looking at your options, it’s helpful to figure out all the features that you’d like to see in the North Wales holiday home of your dreams

Once you’ve done all that, you can start browsing a few different places. We also recommend arranging an in-person viewing to really get a feel of a specific lodge and park instead of basing your choice off photos alone.

Lissett Savannagh Teal

Conwy Lodge Park: luxury North Wales holiday homes

Picture a premium holiday park that’s plunged in nature but located in a strategic spot, making it a breeze to reach popular tourist attractions.

A holiday park where you’ll get to wake up to the sight of peaceful trees, a river estuary, and the Snowdonian mountains. And then? Then you’ll be spoiled with choices as to where to head to during your days out.

That’s exactly what you’ll get when you choose one of our North Wales holiday homes.

At Conwy Lodge Park, we are located only a five-minute drive from our namesake town. We’re also the perfect base to set off for a day out in Llandudno, Bangor, or Colwyn Bay.

You could head to the coast or visit a new part of the island of Anglesey every time you come back. And, of course, Snowdonia will always be at your doorstep, regardless of whether you feel like taking a quiet stroll in the forest or reach the top of mount Snowdon.

Plus, because we’re pet-friendly, you’ll never have to leave anyone behind.

We offer a wide range of North Wales holiday homes, so you’re guaranteed to find the one that matches your dreamiest vision. From cost-effective classics like the Wessex Lodge to larger ones like the Lissett Alaska and even fully customisable alternatives, you’ll never have to compromise.

Has one of them already caught your attention? Torn between two (or more)? Get in touch and arrange a viewing! Once you find the right North Wales holiday home for your family’s needs and preferences, you will all be able to start making the most of the lifestyle you deserve.