Conwy Lodge Park

UK Lodge for sale in Wales

Essentials and FAQs

Embark on a journey of luxury with Conwy Lodge Park, your ideal destination for holiday home ownership. In the following sections, we provide essential information covering all aspects of life at our park, from our lodges to amenities and policies. Discover the tranquillity, convenience, and charm of owning a holiday home at Conwy Lodge Park. Our dedicated team is ready to guide you every step of the way. Let's turn your dream of a perfect holiday home into a reality.

Park Season Duration

The park welcomes owners from 1st March to the 15th of January. This time frame is referred to as a 10 1⁄2 month season within the industry.

License Period for Lodges

The initial license period starts from 20 years, with the possibility of extension depending on the purchased lodge and chosen plot.

Plot Fees

Plot Fees, dictated by the size of the lodge, apply for our 46-week season. For Executive Plots, the annual fee starts from £5,116, and for Exclusive Plots, which usually feature lodges from Lissett Lodges, fees begin at £5,860 per annum. These fees are paid in three instalments, with each of the first two instalments amounting to £1,000, payable on the 1st of October and January respectively. The remaining balance is due on the 1st of March. Please note that utilities (Electric, Gas, Water) are not included in the plot fees and are metered individually for each lodge.

Insurance Requirements

Conwy Lodge Park requires all owners to ensure their lodges adequately. The insurance provider is at the owner's discretion, but an annual proof of insurance must be provided to the Park.

Gas Supply

Conwy Lodge Park boasts an underground gas supply system that delivers gas directly to each lodge, eliminating the need for heavy gas bottles.

Lodge Location

Upon purchasing a lodge, owners can choose their preferred plot, subject to availability and suitability.

Decking Availability

Most lodges come with a decking package. If not, a decking package can be supplied and installed as per the owner's preference. This work must be carried out through Conwy Lodge Park with approved suppliers only, to ensure compliance with park rules and safety regulations.

Land Ownership

The lodge purchase does not include the plot of land on which it is located. However, owners are entitled to use the plot in accordance with the licensing agreement, provided site fees are paid and park rules followed.

Primary Residence Restrictions

Due to licensing agreements intended for holiday purposes, lodges cannot serve as a primary or sole residence. Owners must maintain a primary residence elsewhere, with proof required periodically.

Lodge Use During Off-Season

The park is closed from the 15th of January to 1st of March, as per the Local Council's Park Licence insisting on a closed period because the park is not for residential use.

Family & Friends Visits

Family and friends are welcome to visit and stay in the lodges free of charge. However, subletting is not allowed.

Pets Policy

Pets, up to two dogs per lodge, are allowed in the park with certain breed restrictions for safety purposes. Pet owners are required to clean up after their pets and keep them under control at all times.

Boat Storage

A secure storage compound is available for speed boats, with a delivery service to your lodge provided with prior notice.

Boat Launch

Boats can be launched from Beacons Slipway, Conwy Morfa, approximately 3 miles from the park. A permit from Conwy Council, Proof of Insurance and Registration are required. There are tidal restrictions for launching and recovery: HW +/- 2 hours is recommended unless experienced.


Each lodge comes with a dedicated driveway that can accommodate two family-sized cars. Additional parking areas are available for visiting friends and family.

Proximity to Conwy and Llandudno

The park is conveniently located 1.5 miles from Conwy and Conwy Marina and approximately 5.5 miles from Llandudno. The nearest junction on the A55 is junction 18, just an 8-minute drive from the park.

Nearby Amenities

The closest supermarket is a large Tesco superstore near junction 18 on the A55. A large Marks and Spencer and Asda are in Llandudno which are only a 15 minute drive from the park.

There are also several shops in Conwy includinga Spar, award winning butchers Edwards of Conwy and the premium wine shop Vinomondo located on Conwy High Street alongside numerous independent shops and eateries.