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The Best Things to do in Bangor

There are lots of different things to do in Bangor, from discovering its history to admiring its landscapes and enjoying the most modern events.
There are lots of different things to do in Bangor, from discovering its history to admiring its landscapes and enjoying modern events. Home to one of the best Welsh universities and located right by the sea, the oldest city in Wales is definitely worth a visit… or two.Not sure where to start? Here are some unmissable things to do on your day out in Bangor.

Bangor Wales: Things to Do for a Fun Day Out

1. Pay a visit to the Bangor Cathedral

Built on what used to be a relatively unnoticeable site to hide it from the Viking raiders coming from the sea, the Bangor Cathedral is now easy to find.It’s also what gave the city its name in the first place since it was surrounded by a lightweight fence, ‘bangor’ in Old Welsh.When visiting it, you’ll get to admire its remarkable architecture, sculptures like the Mostyn Christ, and the Bible Garden, created by planting every flora species mentioned in the Bible.

2. Stroll along its Victorian pier

Second only to Llandudno’s, Garth Pier is one of the longest in Wales.It offers plenty to do, from enjoying a quick meal at a café to browsing some souvenirs and, most importantly, slurping a fresh ice cream.When the tide is low, keep your eyes open as you might even spot some oystercatchers, cormorants, redshanks and other local seabirds.

3. Appreciate arts & culture at the Pontio centre

The Arts & Innovation centre of the local university is one of the best things to do in Bangor if you’re after a cultural afternoon or evening.It includes a cinema, a traditional proscenium theatre, and an eclectic array of everchanging exhibitions and forms of entertainment.

4. Walk to Penrhyn Castle...

What used to be a rural country house was refurbished by architect Thomas Hopper in the late 19th century, who turned it into a stunning example of Norman-Gothic castle.As well as visiting its majestic halls and staircases, you can walk around the walled gardens and woodland area, discover what art collection they’re currently hosting, and visit the railway museum.

5. … and along the North Wales path

Did you know that Bangor was located at the very start of the North Wales path that connects it to Prestatyn?You’ll find Penrhyn Castle around half an hour into this 60-mile path but, if you love hikes, you can keep going and turn it into a two-day adventure.You’ll be rewarded with stunning views of the sea and, when the path moves inland, the hills of Snowdonia, discovering both smaller communities and larger towns on the way.

6. Admire the Treborth Botanic Gardens

Appreciate the peaceful magic of these botanic gardens, one of the very few that allow your furry friends, too.These 18 hectares of wonders include native woodland, orchards, whimsical corners, and a complex of glasshouses at varying temperatures, with species ranging from beautiful orchids to scary carnivorous plants.

7. Gaze at the Menai Bridge

"I heard him then, for I had just / completed my design, / to keep the Menai bridge from rust / by boiling it in wine.”Despite what the White Knight wants you to believe in Through the Looking Glass, the Menai bridge won’t be rusting anytime soon and it’s definitely worth a snap.It was designed by architect Thomas Telford and completed in 1826, which makes it the first modern suspension bridge in the whole world.

8. Take a picture of the clock tower

You can’t miss it! Right in the middle of the town centre, this clock tower is a stunning example of Victorian architecture.You definitely don’t want to forget to take a picture of it.

9. Explore a glacial valley at Llyn Idwal

If you were interested in things to do in Bangor a bit further away from the city centre too, we definitely recommend one of the best mountain walks in North Wales.Don’t worry: it’s nothing challenging (unless you want to train on the Idwal Slabs like some Everest climbers, that is).It’s an easy, pleasant walk around the oldest nature reserve in Wales, dating back to the glacial period.You’ll find 10,000-year-old moraines, quirky little bridges, a quiet lake, and a breathtaking 360-degree view.

10. Plunge yourself in local history at the Storiel museum

From a roman legionary sword to the ‘Welsh not’ used to stigmatise kids who’d speak Welsh at school (crazy, we know!), this museum gives you a good feel of what life in North Wales used to be in the past.They also have a gallery running more modern exhibitions and events, a little gift shop, and a yummy café.

11. Check out the longest high street in wales

Looking for something to eat? Hoping to browse some local shops? Well, with Bangor having the longest high street in Wales, you’re sure to find what you need! Discover more things to do in Bangor North Wales by walking down its 1.265 km and enjoying its independent gems.

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