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10 staycation in Wales holiday ideas

Picture a country with a national park that’s over 800 square miles. With high mountains and 1,680 miles of coastline. A rainforest and rushing waterfalls. Bustling towns and over 600 castles.

Picture a country with a national park that’s over 800 square miles. With high mountains and 1,680 miles of coastline. A rainforest and rushing waterfalls. Bustling towns and over 600 castles. Now, put that passport down. You don’t need to fly to an exotic spot on the other side of the world! A staycation in Wales will give you all that. For real.

Thanks to its stunning variety of landscapes that translate into endless activities and days out, the dragon country is a giant playground to discover.

May we fuel your wanderlust with some staycation holiday ideas in the area? Whether you’re after a romantic getaway, an adventure with friends or a staycation with kids, Wales has got something for you.

10 of the best staycation holiday ideas for an unforgettable staycation in Wales

1. Tenby - a postcard-style town

Famous for its quirky pastel-coloured houses, Tenby is a memorable seaside town with a picturesque harbour and Medieval walls. You can make the most of beach life and travel back in time through its museum and castle ruins. Or why not wait for the tide to grant you access to the limestone wonders of St. Catherine’s Island?

2. Anglesey - an entire island to explore

This North West island is surrounded by sandy and pebble beaches as well as dramatic cliffs, like the ones around the unmissable South Stack lighthouse. It also offers an indescribable range of one-of-a-kind views, such as the first modern suspension bridge in the entire world and a castle with an actual moat. What we love the most about Anglesey Island is that you can literally walk around it thanks to its 124-mile-long coastal path!

3. Snowdonia - for walks and adventures

Covering over a third of North Wales, Snowdonia is a proper paradise for anyone who loves mountain walks, climbing, biking, water rafting or simply recharging their batteries in nature. This national park is full of hidden gems to discover, from a Celtic rainforest to the tallest single-drop waterfall in Britain.

4. Llandudno - best staycation with kids

If you’re after an enjoyable staycation with family, what could be better than the biggest seaside resort town in Wales? Closely tied to Alice in Wonderland and showcasing a long promenade with a Victorian pier, Llandudno will immediately fascinate your little ones. Don’t miss out on the breathtaking 360-degree panoramic on top of the Great Orme, one of the best free things to do in North Wales!

5. Hay-on-Wye - for lovers of literature

With over twenty bookshops, the “town of books” is a proper mecca for literature enthusiasts. This small but quaint market town is perfect if you’re after a quiet retreat away from large tourist crowds, and is right by the Brecon Beacons National Park. Why not visit it around its yearly literature festival?

6. Cardiff - a cultural staycation in Wales

You definitely won’t run out of things to do in the history-filled capital of Wales! Immerse yourself in culture by visiting its museums and the fairytale-esque Castell Cock, have a stroll around its charming bay, or discover its lively nightlife when the sun goes down.

7. Swansea Bay - maritime wonders

This South Wales area will seriously make you question whether you’re still in the UK! How does the thought of taming waves with a surfboard sound? Or finding yourself in front of natural wonders by the sea like the Mumbles and Worm’s Head? Discover the area’s connection with Welsh poet Dylan Thomas, and divide yourself between the vibrant city of Swansea and the peaceful views that its bay has to offer.

8. Conwy - fantastic staycation with family

This is a town that’s waiting to be discovered, both by wandering around its cobbled streets and by walking along its 1.3-km-long Medieval walls, a UNESCO treasure. Whether you’re going to visit the smallest house in Great Britain or Conwy Castle, you’ll be rewarded with a peaceful view of the estuary. Still, you’re never too far from a sandy beach!

9. Portmeirion - a taste of Italy

Experience the atmosphere of Italy by exploring this village’s architectural wonders, one of our favourite things to do in North Wales. Full of ornamental gardens and striking colourful buildings with a Mediterranean twist, this tourist village is a nostalgic utopia that will make you dream. Enjoy an ice cream in the central piazza and—why not—board a vintage steam train to discover its surroundings.

10. Betws-y-Coed - a small but mighty village

Perfect to recharge after some busy time in the city, Betws-y-Coed might be small, but it’s got plenty to offer. It’s a tactical starting point for different walks that lead you to gurgling waterfalls, secluded mountain lakes and green forests. Or you can spend the day enjoying some underground adventures inside an abandoned slate mine and ziplining through the woods.Did we make it too hard to choose with all these staycation holiday ideas? Wales won’t go anywhere, so you can discover everything at your own pace!

Investing in a holiday chalet will allow you to return to these stunning scenarios as many times as you wish, and enjoy an unforgettable staycation in Wales every year. Or, perhaps, every weekend?

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