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The 10 Best Things To Do On a Day Out in Llandudno

Known as the ‘queen of Welsh resorts’, this stunning coastal town in North Wales is guaranteed to surprise you with unforgettable experiences and views.
Known as the ‘queen of Welsh resorts’, this stunning coastal town in North Wales is guaranteed to surprise you with unforgettable experiences and views.Let’s help you plan a day out in Llandudno that allows you to make the most of what it has to offer. While it was incredibly hard to pick just a few highlights from such a bustling town, here are our very favourite things to do in Llandudno.Enjoy!

Our Top 10 Things To Do In Llandudno

1. Discover its Victorian pier

As you’ll notice as soon as you start walking down its promenade and look at the style of the most attention-grabbing buildings, Llandudno has a strong Victorian heritage. Our favourite landmark, however, is its pier.Not only is it the longest one in Wales: it was also voted pier of the year in 2005 and is often used as a filming location.From candy floss to arcade games and a variety of little stalls, the Llandudno pier is great fun for both children and adults alike.

2. Find the right beach for you

A trip to the beach is mandatory for a proper day out in Llandudno… especially since it’s got two!North Shore Beach is right by the promenade: perfect for your children to have fun in the sand. Were you hoping for a less touristy place to relax under the sun? Then check out West Shore Beach instead.

3. Fall down the rabbit hole

Did you know that little Alice Liddell, the inspiration behind Alice in Wonderland, used to spend her summers in Llandudno? Since it looks like Lewis Carroll visited her family there, it’s no wonder(land) that this town has a proud connection to his most famous books.Download the Alice Town Trails app to discover all the statues and Easter eggs hidden around Llandudno.

4. Take a cable car or tram to the Great Orme

The nearby Great Orme, a breathtaking limestone and dolomite mountain, is one of the best circular walks in North Wales.Or why not make a dramatic entrance by reaching its top on a cable car or traditional tram?

5. Travel back in time at the Home Front Museum

Due to its strategic position, Llandudno played a big part during World War II.You can experience the tales, sounds and sights of civilian life at that time at the unique Home Front Museum.

6. Admire the flowers and plants at the Happy Valley Gardens

As well as being full of colours and surprises (maybe some Alice in Wonderland-related ones?), these botanical gardens also offer a marvellous view of the sea, with the Victorian Pier stretching towards the distant horizon.

7. Have a delicious and guilt-free chocolate experience

It’s not ‘being greedy’ if you’re learning at the same time!Discover everything there is to know about chocolate from 5000 years ago to our present times, and find a few tasty samples on the way at the Llandudno Chocolate Experience.

8. Enjoy the snow in this special Llandudno sports centre

You don’t need to wait for winter to make the most of your favourite snowsports! This centre is a dream come true for any adrenaline junky.From skiing and snowboarding to tobogganing and challenging your family or mates to a friendly game of alpine golf, you just have to pick your own adventure.

9. Hop on the most scenic train journey in North Wales

The saying that it’s all about the journey rather than the destination couldn’t be truer when you step onto this train.Connecting Llandudno to the heart of Snowdonia, this 27-mile long rail might be short, but what you see from your train window is guaranteed to hold a special place in your heart (and photo albums).12th-century castles, green forests, old quarries, the Conwy estuary, the peaks of Snowdonia, and much more.With its ever-changing, astonishing series of landscapes and the possibility to stop at different North Wales stations, the Conwy Valley Line is ideal for a day out in Llandudno and its surroundings.

10. Enjoy some well-deserved refreshments during your day out in Llandudno

It doesn’t matter what you’re craving and what type of dining experience you’re after (traditional Welsh cuisine, Italian, Indian, seafood, coffee and cake, afternoon teas, fine dining, a cosy and casual atmosphere…): Llandudno has got what you’re looking for!Not sure where to go? You can always stimulate your appetite with a stroll up and down the bustling Mostyn Street, which offers the widest choice of independent restaurants.We’re confident that your day out in Llandudno will be even more memorable than walking through the looking glass… and what until you see some of the other nearby towns, too!If you want to turn this magical area into your new home away from home, make your dreams come true by investing in a holiday lodge in North Wales.

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