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Top Tourist Attractions in Anglesey

If we tried to write about all the tourist attractions in Anglesey, you’d be here for hours. This 260-square mile island is like a giant playground full of potential adventures, fun times and unforgettable views.

If we tried to write about all the tourist attractions in Anglesey, you’d be here for hours. This 260-square mile island is like a giant playground full of potential adventures, fun times and unforgettable views.

So, to help you organise a varied day out, we’ve picked our favourite things to do in Anglesey, making sure to include something for everyone.

The Best Things to Do in Anglesey

1. Walk around the island

Whether you’d rather enjoy a shorter circular walk or complete the entire 124-mile loop over a few days, this coastal path is sure to be a memorable experience.

It’ll give you a chance to soak up the historical sites, breathtaking natural landscapes, rare bird species, timeless architecture, and over a hundred of different rock types.

Regardless of what you’re most interested in, this path will find different ways of surprising you.

2. Follow the steps to South Stack Lighthouse

One of the best coastal walks in North Wales, the Holyhead area makes for some brochure-worthy views.

Are you ready to go down all 400 steps that follow the cliffs of the local nature reserve, to take you to the white South Stack lighthouse?

You’ll probably see lots of seabirds and, if you’re lucky, the popular puffins, too.

As well as admiring the sea from a unique perspective, visiting this lighthouse is also the perfect chance to learn more about local history.

3. Fall in love at Llanddwyn Island

Why not visit an island within an island? This romantic outcrop of land is also a picturesque tidal island, understandably chosen as a filming location multiple times.

When you reach the picturesque Tŵr Mawr lighthouse, you’ll feel as if you’ve just walked to the edge of the world.

You can also wander around the ruins of Dwynwen's Church, dedicated to none other than the Welsh patron saint of lovers.

4. Discover the past of Plas Newydd

Literally meaning ‘new house’, Plas Newydd is a popular tourist attraction in Anglesey, especially among families and anyone looking to enjoy a slow afternoon.

You can really plunge yourself into local history by discovering its exhibitions and military museum, completing your visit with a stroll around its arboretum and gardens.

Overlooking the Menai Strait and the Welsh mainland, Plas Newydd offers a unique sight.

5. Invade Beaumaris castle

Anglesey is home to six different castles and palaces but, as soon as you get a glimpse of the one in Beaumaris, you’ll see why it’s considered one of the best castles to visit in North Wales.

Spoiler alert: it’s surrounded by an actual moat, still full of water!

6. Visit an extra-terrestrial landscape at the Copper Kingdom

Once you start walking up and down the yellow and red dunes of Amlwch, you’ll probably wonder how exactly you ended up on Mars.

This copper mine dates back to the Bronze Age but was particularly useful during the 18th century as it became the centre of the Industrial Revolution for Wales. There was also a time when it produced more copper than anywhere else in the world!

Discover its history, industrial heritage and otherworldly landscapes.

7. Meet marine life at the Anglesey Sea Zoo

Another tourist attraction in Anglesey that’s perfect for the entire family, the over forty tanks of this sea zoo will allow you to discover the very best of British marine wildlife.

From the elegant jellyfish in its ‘No Bone Zone’ to the conger eels in the spooky ‘Shipwreck’ area, the Anglesey Sea Zoo will leave both children and adults in awe.

8. Dive into this area’s naval history at the Holyhead Maritime Museum

If you’re fascinated by maritime history and can’t get enough of old tales from the sea, you can’t miss out on this museum.

It’s located right inside the oldest lifeboat station in Wales and it includes an inspiring array of exhibitions, from Holyhead during the war to the tragic story of the HMS Thetis submarine.

9. Stand in front of a working windmill at Melin Llynnon

No need to fly to the Netherlands to enjoy the astonishing sight of a huge windmill standing out against the sky!

Built in 1775, Melin Llynnon is the only Welsh windmill that is still operating, using organic wheat to product traditional stone-ground flour.

Go on and grab yourself a bag to bake some very special bread!

10. Spend some time at the beach

With such a long coastline, it surely won’t come as a surprise that Anglesey has some of the best beaches in North Wales and a variety of coastal landscapes.

For example, if you were looking for a popular sandy beach you can go to Traeth Lligwy. A peaceful landscape with a charming lighthouse? Penmon Point won’t disappoint you. Were you hoping for a more secluded pebbly cove? Moelfre beach is the one.

Not only are there too many tourist attractions in Anglesey to visit the whole island in a day: the entire area is full of wonders! To make the most of it, why not invest in a local holiday lodge so that you can come back to North Wales as often as you wish?

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