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Used Lodges for Sale in North Wales: Benefits & Options

Imagine being able to go on holiday as frequently as you wish without having to worry about bookings or additional costs. When you choose a used lodge for sale, that’s precisely the kind of lifestyle that you’ll get to enjoy with your family!

If you want to spoil them without compromising on quality but budget is still a concern, second-hand lodges are definitely the wisest option.

Here’s what you can expect.

Benefits of buying a second-hand lodge in North Wales

Lodges are already cheaper than investing in a second house to use for your holidays, and this isn’t just because of their average cost.

First of all, you won’t have to worry about spending thousands more pounds to furnish them, buy white goods, or introduce a few decorative items to make them feel more homely: they already come with all that.

Since they’re more energy-efficient, you will also save money on bills, and holiday lodges are usually much easier to maintain.

Finally, unlike traditional second houses, you won’t even have to pay an additional stamp duty charge.

While this is all fantastic news, choosing used lodges for sale will allow you to save even more money given their lower price tags.

At the same time, you’ll still get to make the most of all the other benefits of purchasing a holiday home, of course:

  • The actual buying process is much faster and more straightforward than with a second house, saving you a few headaches

  • You’ll get to enjoy many more holidays and long weekends away with your family without having to pay for flights or hotels

  • This also means that you won’t have to worry about all the stress and time-consuming planning behind a traditional holiday

  • You’ll always find all of your usual comforts waiting for you, from a fully fitted kitchen to wardrobes for your clothes

  • A new home away from home makes it easier to spend quality time with your family or to invite your friends on holiday with you

  • You’ll get to have a second local place with your favourite pub, restaurant, and activities

  • At the same time, no holiday will ever be the same! Your lodge will be a practical and reliable starting point to visit new towns, landscapes, and tourist attractions every time you head there

  • North Wales is a beautiful part of the country with plenty to offer. Already extremely popular for UK staycations, a used lodge for sale in North Wales means that you won’t have to settle for just one experience: you’ll get to visit different areas whenever you want instead of trying to cram dozens of ideas into a one-week holiday
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View our pre-owned lodges for sale.

All of our high-spec, new and used lodges for sale are set in the most beautiful area of the Conwy Valley, overlooking the Conwy Estuary in North Wales.

Our tranquil development comprises of high quality, contemporary style lodges, that the whole family can enjoy while on holiday in Wales.

Luxury used lodges for sale in North Wales at Conwy Lodge Park

When it comes to both new and second-hand lodges for sale in North Wales, you can’t go wrong with Conwy Lodge Park.

Only a five-minute drive from the walled town of Conwy, our idyllic park is surrounded by nature and yet incredibly strategically located.

This means that you’ll be able to choose a lodge surrounded by trees and greenery, overlooking the river estuary, or with a view of the mountains. At the same time, you’ll never fall short of things to do in North Wales.

As well as Conwy, our park brings you closer to other popular tourist destinations and staycation spots like the seaside town of Colwyn Bay, the Victorian resort of Llandudno, the bustling city of Bangor, or the picturesque island of Anglesey.

Thanks to over 370 miles of coastline and the Snowdonia National Park, your family will never be forced to choose between the beach and the mountains.

On top of all the unforgettable days out that you’ll get to experience, don’t forget that a used lodge for sale in our holiday park will result in a luxurious lifestyle even before and after you head out for the day.

In fact, the actual park will spoil you with perks and activities. From our popular clubhouse to play parks for your children and flora-rich paths for walks with your family, one thing’s for sure: you can always choose to relax, but you won’t have time to be bored at Conwy Lodge Park!

Finding the perfect used lodge for sale

Take the first step towards this upgraded lifestyle by browsing our range of second-hand lodges for sale in North Wales.

Whether you’ve already spotted the right design for your family’s needs or you’re intrigued by a few different ones, don’t be shy: get in touch to arrange a viewing.

Having a stroll around our park and visiting our used lodges for sale will allow you to get a good feel of what your future holidays can look like. Let’s find the lodge of your dreams!