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Pros & Cons of Buying a Lodge: Is It the Right Step for You?

Looking to upgrade your family holidays? We definitely recommend understanding both the pros and cons of buying a lodge to figure out if this is indeed the right investment for you.

Pros of buying a holiday lodge

There are many benefits of buying a holiday lodge, but these seem to be the most popular amongst the guests of our park.

1. Buying a holiday lodge is cheaper and easier than a second home

A holiday lodge is an excellent investment.

First of all, its virtual price tag is much lower than traditional holiday homes. Contemporary lodges are energy-efficient, which will save you money in the long run, and include amenities like on-site wi-fi. Because they also come furnished, you won’t have to spend a few more grand on furniture and white goods. Finally, you won’t have to pay any stamp duties or council taxes.

Buying a holiday lodge is easier and quicker, too: while the buying process for a second home would take around 6 months, all you have to do is choose a lodge you like and… seal the deal.

2. More holidays, less stress

Once you have a new home away from home, you can head to it as often as you wish. A long summer vacation? Your birthday? A spontaneous weekend away?

Because you’ll no longer have to worry about flights and hotel reservations, you’ll actually get to enjoy your holidays without having to stress for the weeks leading up to it.

3. Location

This pro of buying a lodge should technically count as two.

You’ll have a base in a different part of the country, meaning that you’ll get to visit new places and immerse yourself into a different setting altogether.

But don’t forget that you’ll also have a special holiday park to return to, and lodges tend to be located in idyllic settings plunged in nature.

North Wales Beach for Families

4. More quality time with family, friends, and pets

Forget about separate or—worse?—crowded hotel rooms!

When buying a holiday lodge, you’ll have different bedrooms but a communal kitchen and living room where you can all gather after a thrilling day out.

You’ll also get to have other friends or family members over if you choose a lodge with a spare bedroom or sofa bed.

As for your four-legged friends that such few hotels seem to accept? They’re welcome in most holiday parks.

5. You’ll get the best of both worlds

This is perhaps the very best pro of buying a lodge.

You’ll have a second home with all your usual comforts, amenities, and an instant sense of cosiness. You’ll soon find a new local chippy, takeaway, and pub. You’ll probably make friends with other families, too!

At the same time, your holidays will never look or feel the same. You can use your lodge as a base for different days out in that part of the country, discovering new places like a local.

Cons of buying a holiday lodge

An overview of the pros and cons of buying a lodge wouldn’t be complete without telling you about the scenarios that might not work out for you.

1. You can’t always rent them out

Unlike second houses, you won’t always be able to rent your new lodge when you’re not using it.

That’s why we mainly recommend buying a holiday lodge if you’re planning on heading there regularly.

2. You can’t get a mortgage

One of the main cons of buying a lodge is that you can’t get a traditional mortgage for it since the land still belongs to the park.

Luckily, there are other types of help to buy leasehold holiday chalets[1] , from equity to finance companies.

link to the article on mortgages when it's ready and live

3. Some parks close for a part of the year

At Conwy Lodge Park, we offer a generous 10 ½ month season, from 1st March to 15th January.

However, some parks close for longer. This might mean not being able to spend Christmas there nor heading to your home when you were hoping to.

Buying in North Wales

Buying a holiday lodge in North Wales

If, after looking at the pros and cons of buying a lodge, you realised that it’s definitely the right decision for your family, here comes the fun part: choosing your new lodge, starting with a park and area.

With its variety of landscapes and things to do, North Wales is one of the most sought-after holiday destinations in the UK.

Our park is surrounded by nature but only a short drive away from the bustling towns of Conwy and lots of other destinations: sandy beaches, the island of Anglesey, Snowdonia, forests, theme parks, quaint villages… you’ll never run out of things to do!

We offer a wide range of luxury lodges in North Wales so that you won’t have to compromise either.

Buying a holiday lodge can be an exciting and inspiring process: once you spot one (or two) that you like, arrange a viewing, and come get a feel of your future park!