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Hiking In North Wales

Why Choose North Wales for Your Holiday Home?

Quaint villages and bustling seaside resorts, high mountains and sandy beaches, adrenaline-filled attractions and peaceful hikes: no wonder that North Wales is the most popular destination for UK staycations!

And if so many people choose it over other areas and counties, imagine how lucky you’d be to be able to return to this stunning part of Wales as often as you wish.

What makes North Wales a great investment for your holiday home

There are many reasons why a holiday lodge is a rewarding investment, but why choose North Wales specifically instead of, say, the Lake District or Cornwall?

Over 370 miles of coastline

Enjoy a variety of maritime views—from sandy beaches to dramatic cliffs—while making the most of some unforgettable coastal walks with your family.

The North Wales coastline is ideal for lots of beachy activities, such as sandcastles with kids, eating the best local fish & chips, and trying watersports or fishing.

You’ll also find both small villages and larger towns like Llandudno that will make for the most magical summer days out.

Mountains and the Snowdonia National Park

North Wales is home to the third national park in Britain. With its 823 square miles, Snowdonia is a giant playground for the most outdoorsy families.

Reaching the summit of Mount Snowdon is obviously a popular favourite, and the area is especially renowned for mountain biking. However, there are lots of things to see in Snowdonia for quieter days out, too.

You could discover the slate-and-stone village of Betws-y-Coed, find breathtaking waterfalls, or enjoy the right mountain hike for your energy levels.

A stunning variety of landscapes

We could never move away from North Wales because… where else are we going to find such an impressive variety of views and landscapes? If you also don’t like compromising or choosing between the mountains and the sea, you’re definitely going to fall in love with this diverse area.

Other notable mentions are its hills, woods, islands like Angelsey and Puffin Island, peaceful estuaries, charming peninsulas, and even the only rainforest in Britain.

Millennia of history to uncover

North Wales has a rich and unique history that you can still live and breathe today. It’s reflected in its landscapes, like the glacier-carved valley around Llyn Idwal, and manmade monuments and buildings.

One of the first things you’ll notice is the incredible range of castles in North Wales, from evocative ruins to well-preserved fortresses.

This area is also full of impressive churches and cathedrals as well as medieval homes that you can still visit (there are two in Conwy alone!).

A fun range of attractions for the entire family

While North Wales is especially famous for its natural beauty, it’s also filled with popular attractions and hidden gems that will make for a fun day out regardless of your adrenaline levels.

There’s the Welsh Mountain Zoo where your kids can even become zookeepers for a day or GreenWood Family Park, filled with rides.

For the bravest ones out there, there are hidden caves underneath all those mountains: you can choose to walk around them, bounce (for real!), or zipline, especially when you head to the Llechwedd Slate Caverns.

And how about discovering a colourful Mediterranean village with Italian architecture, fountains, and ice cream… without leaving the country?

The perfect break from your usual routine

Even though you can always drive up to a different town or unmissable event, one of the best things about choosing North Wales for your holiday home is the fact that you can actually switch off from the outside world.

With such tranquil settings and hikes in nature, it’ll be so much easier to leave your worries at home whenever you head to your family lodge.

The same place, a different holiday every time

Thanks to the variety of landscapes and attractions offered by North Wales, you’ll get the best of both worlds. You’ll have a familiar place to return to—a home away from home, a new local pub, a favourite takeaway—but never get bored or be forced to do the same things over and over again.

A more affordable and convenient location

The cost of life in Wales is around 15% lower than in England and the rest of the UK.

This means that you can get a much more luxurious lodge for the same sum but also that you’ll save yourself some money in the long run when eating out and making the most of your holiday time.

Our luxury holiday homes in North Wales

At Conwy Lodge Park, we offer a range of unique holiday lodge homes plunged in an idyllic park right by the river estuary, each of them with its own characteristics and signature decor.

From two-bedroom lodges to larger chalets or pre-owned options, we’re bound to have the perfect holiday home for your family. Contact us to help you find it or arrange a viewing.