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The Welsh Mountain Zoo: A Fun Family Day Out in North Wales

Cheeky monkeys, scary predators, and waddling penguins: the Welsh Mountain Zoo is full of unpredictable encounters and breath-taking discoveries!
Cheeky monkeys, scary predators, and waddling penguins: the Welsh Mountain Zoo is full of unpredictable encounters and breath-taking discoveries!If you’re looking to spend an unforgettable day out that’s both fun and educational, you can’t go wrong with this Welsh zoological garden.Are you curious as to what you can expect to see once you walk through its gates? Keep reading, then.

Introducing the Welsh Mountain Zoo

Perched between Colwyn Bay and the Snowdonian Carneddau mountains, the Welsh Mountain Zoo is in a truly idyllic location.The oldest zoo in Wales, it started out as a humble family project in 1963 thanks to the vision of naturalist and wildlife enthusiast Robert Jackson. However, it didn’t take long for it to become an established local attraction, widely admired for its conservation work.Covering over 37 acres, the Welsh Mountain Zoo offers plenty to see and it’s one of the best things to do in North Wales, whether you want to make the most of it with a special someone, your family, children, or a group of friends.

The animals at the Welsh Mountain Zoo

The Welsh Mountain Zoo is home to over 140 different species from all over the world. It’s safe to say that you can spend the entire day there without seeing the same animal twice.Interested in knowing a bit more about who you can meet?For starters, their wide and varied range of animals includes some of the biggest ferocious cats, like Sumatran tigers, snow leopards and margays. Obviously, they’re all kept in very large enclosures that mirror their natural environment.If you’re a fan of monkeys and apes, you’ll have the time of your life at the Welsh Mountain Zoo. Their primate family includes some of the most famous species like chimpanzees, as well as some more obscure but attention-grabbing ones like cotton-top tamarins and Goeldi’s monkeys.You’ll also meet lots of other mammals, from the biggest brown bears to the most mischievous little meerkats.This North Wales zoo is also home to some colourful and quirky species of birds like pink flamingos and the adorable Humboldt penguins.Reptile lover? From the majestic Mississippi alligator to the sneakiest snakes, you’re in for a treat.While we’re sure that your kids will enjoy looking at every single one of these exotic animals, we bet they’ll especially love the Children’s Farm. Bursting with rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens and ducks, it’s the perfect place for them to meet new furry and feathered friends from up close.

Animal encounters

Do you want to make someone’s day even more special and truly memorable? Then get them to meet their favourite animal. There are lots of options to choose from.For example, they could deliver fishy treats to the sea lions or penguins, meet the unpredictable meerkats, feed bamboo to the fluffiest red pandas, and even follow the keepers as they care for primates and snow leopards.Obviously, the lucky animal lover will be accompanied by a zookeeper for the entire time. Not only does this mean that the experience is run in complete safety, but it’s their chance to ask them all the questions they’ve always had about that animal.We’re sure that little children won’t miss out on that opportunity!

Become a zookeeper for the whole day

Another type of experience available at the Welsh Mountain Zoo is the Keeper for a Day package.Lasting for the entire day, it allows any animal lover (over 16) to follow a zookeeper around this wildlife park. They’ll learn all about its fauna and help them out with some daily chores, like feeding and caring for each animal.To commemorate this unique day, they’ll also receive a t-shirt, goody bag and certificate.We think that either of these tailored options would make a truly outstanding Christmas or birthday present: you’d be giving someone the experience of a lifetime while also helping support a zoo that puts so much effort into conservation.

The zoo’s gardens

As well as animal conservation, the Welsh Mountain Zoo is famous for its collection of rare and endangered plants.Just walking around its paths and gardens will allow you to bump into some Alice in Wonderland-worthy flowers and displays.

Visiting the Welsh Mountain Zoo in North Wales

Only a five-minute drive from the coastal town of Colwyn bay, the Welsh Mountain Zoo is extremely easy to reach and find.Tickets range from £9.83 to £13.06, with lots of discounts for families, students, wheelchair users, carers and seniors.Have fun at the Welsh Mountain Zoo and say hi to the cutest animals from us!If you can’t get enough of the attractions and wonders of North Wales, have you considered investing in a special holiday lodge for you and your family? That way, you’ll be able to return to these stunning areas without having to worry about bookings and planning.

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