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What to consider when buying a holiday lodge home

If you’ve fallen in love with a specific spot, why not make the most of it by buying a holiday lodge there?

If you’ve fallen in love with a specific spot, why not make the most of it by buying a holiday lodge there?

You really don’t need to put up with the dreaded jet lag, spend weeks looking for hotels or stress over the organisation of every detail of a trip in order to enjoy a memorable holiday.

With a newly-rediscovered love for the countryside and the growing need for relaxing getaways, staycations have seen a spike in popularity across the UK in the past few years.

Before making this fruitful investment, however, make sure you keep these things in mind...

Important things to consider when buying a holiday lodge

1. Think of what you want BEFORE you start looking

It might sound obvious, but it’s actually so easy to get carried away by enthusiasm, fall in love with the look of the first lodge you see and buy it before it goes... only to then realise that it doesn’t include a spare bedroom for the grandchildren and the park won’t accept your faithful Border Collie.

The result? You’ve invested a lot of money in something that doesn’t completely satisfy your needs. Instead, take the time to understand exactly how your ideal holiday lodge should look, how many rooms it needs to have, and make a list of all the boxes that it should tick for you to still be 100% satisfied with it in a few years.

2. Pick an appropriate and strategic location

As it will be the long term setting of your dreamy staycations, your home away from home must be located in a place that makes you happy just thinking about it.

Would you prefer a remote spot completely immersed in the countryside, so as to recharge your energy with a well-deserved break from city life, or somewhere that is in direct proximity of a town with lots to do?

If you want to enjoy various weekend getaways, don’t make the mistake of investing in a lodge home on the opposite side of the country. On the contrary, if you want it to be a yearly road trip⁠—perhaps stopping at different places on the way—then the whole UK is your oyster.

3. Be smart with your budget when buying a holiday lodge

Let’s be realistic: price is an important thing to consider when buying a lodge home, so make sure you pick something that meets your budget as well as your needs.

Lots of factors influence its final cost, such as size, number of rooms, condition, location and amenities. That’s why lodge homes within the same park can have completely different prices.

Prioritise what will matter the most to you in the long run and be smart: if you really want to see the river from your balcony but don’t need a third bedroom, why spend more money for the biggest house with a view since you’re not going to make the most of its size?

4. Discover what facilities are available at the park

Don’t forget that, when buying a holiday lodge, you’re not just investing in a stand-alone building: you’ll be involved with the lodge park, too. See what they offer, so that you don’t run the risk of getting bored or lacking perks that you had taken for granted.

For example, at Conwy Lodge Park we’re thrilled to be offering a super-fast broadband, a children’s play area, a clubhouse and even a games room.

5. Check the opening times

Imagine investing thousands of pounds in a holiday lodge and, when you’re about to organise a little wintery getaway, finding out that the park is only open during the summer months!

It’s normal for most lodge parks to close for a few weeks or even longer, but make sure it’s not during the time you usually like to go on holiday.

6. Are there any restrictions and rules?

Every park has different rules and, while some of them can be summed up as common sense, some others might clash with your personal situation and needs.

Are pets allowed? What about BBQs? If the house doesn’t come with decking, am I allowed to have it installed? Familiarise yourself with them and ask questions so that you can make an informed decision.Buying a lodge home is an exciting time, but don’t rush it! Be sure to follow these tips, as you shouldn’t settle for anything less than your dream house.Are you considering purchasing a stunning lodge home in a peaceful but well-connected area of North Wales? Discover our range of lodges in Conwy.