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The Rowan Lodge by Willerby: Is This Lodge Right for You?

Rowan lodges are extremely popular chalets by Willerby. Discover how they’re different from other models and what this will mean for your holidays.

Rowan lodges are one of the most sophisticated holiday chalet options, and they’ll instantly translate into a proper home away from home for you and your family.

Discover what makes them different from the most basic models, and have a virtual tour of our Rowan lodges in North Wales.

Why choose a Rowan lodge for your family?

We offer a wide range of luxury chalets, but here’s why we think the Rowan lodge might be the right fit for you.

First of all, it’s made by Willerby, an award-winning manufacturer of holiday lodges. The largest in the UK, they have over 75 years of experience in creating outstanding chalets.

Plus, their Rowan lodges are built to high-spec and full of additional perks that can really make the difference when it comes to enjoying your holidays, such as double-glazing, an integrated Bluetooth system, and plenty of USB ports.

But let us introduce them to you properly.

Our Rowan lodges by Willerby

Depending on how much you’d like to get involved with their planning and design, you can choose between two types of Rowan lodges at Conwy Lodge Park.

Bespoke Rowan lodge

If you already have a specific vision in mind when picturing the holiday chalet of your dreams, then we have excellent news for you: you will never have to compromise when choosing a customisable Rowan lodge!

Here are some of the features that you’ll get to personalise:

  • Size and layout: how many rooms would you like to include in your new lodge? This will mainly depend on how you’re planning on making the most of it during your holidays. Perhaps you only need enough room for you and the kids, or you’d like a spare bedroom to also invite your parents or closest friends occasionally. Or maybe your family includes an inseparable four-legged friend and you’re all extremely outdoorsy, so you could do with a handy mudroom instead? Thanks to its customisability, the layout of the Rowan lodge can be moulded to fit your holiday lifestyle
  • Colour scheme: would you prefer to maintain a sense of familiarity by sticking to your main home’s palette, or are you after a holiday lodge that looks entirely different? Either way, we can help you choose the right colour scheme for your new bespoke Rowan lodge, from its walls to the furniture and decorative items that will turn it into a proper home
  • Fixtures: you can also choose amongst different fittings and fixtures so that your holiday lodge meets your kind of cosiness and comfort

Standard Rowan lodge

If, on the other hand, you’d rather fall in love with a pre-made home, the standard Rowan lodge has you covered.

Its design is a balanced blend of cosiness and contemporary perks.

It showcases a large living room with an oak mantle fireplace, illuminated floating box shelves, and a seating area that’s ideal to catch up with your entire family or some friends after a day out.

The Rowan lodge also spoils you with the biggest kitchen in the Willerby range, including a breakfast bar with a built-in wine cooler.

As for its sleeping area, you’ll never have to worry about it getting messy or cluttered thanks to the spacious integrated wardrobes, and you’ll get to enjoy an en-suite shower room in the master bedroom.

This lodge lets plenty of sunlight in too, and this isn’t only to do with its huge glass doors: in fact, it includes some skylight-style windows on the roof.

Let’s make a Rowan lodge happen for your family!

Do our Rowan lodges in North Wales sound like your kind of dream holiday home? Then turn one of them into your reality.

Whether you prefer the bespoke or standard option or need help choosing between the two, our team would be delighted to help you.

Contact us for more information or to arrange a viewing: that way, you’ll get a good feel of what your new Rowan lodge feels like while also discovering the idyllic views of our park.

Set your Rowan lodge on our park

With its breathtaking variety of landscapes, North Wales has something for everyone.

Investing in a lodge in this part of the country means that you’ll get to enjoy a different holiday every time you return to your chalet. From the Snowdonian mountains to 370 miles of coastline and several bustling towns, choosing a holiday lodge in North Wales gives you the opportunity to discover both tourist attractions and hidden gems at your own pace.

Our park is also in the most strategic location to switch off from the outside world but also explore different areas every time. Conwy Lodge Park is plunged in nature and yet only a five-minute drive from its historical namesake town, right at the edge of Snowdonia, and close to the coast, too.