Help Buying a Holiday Lodge

Considering buying a holiday lodge? It’s exciting isn’t it! When making the decision whether to buy a holiday lodge, there may be some vital questions you need answering first and foremost.

We have listed a few key points you should consider before making that final decision…

How much are the plot fees?

For our 46 week season our Pitch Fees start from £3,600 (plus utilities i.e. electric, gas, water & rates – please ask for further information).

Pitch fees are paid in three instalments of £1,000.00 1st October followed by £1,000.00 1st January with the balance paid 1st March.

Which plot will I have?

When buying a lodge from us, you can choose a vacant pitch you like subject to availability and suitability.

Will I own the land that the lodge is pitched on?

You do not own the land, but you do have the right to use the pitch as long as you pay your site fees, and abide by the Park rules.

What is the park’s season?

The park is open to owners from 1st March through to 15th January. This is known in the industry as a 10 ½ months season.

Can a holiday lodge be used as a main residence?

This is not permitted due to the Site Licence. You must have a main home residence where you live.

Conwy Lodge Park has a holiday licence which means that you cannot use your lodge as a main residence. You can use your lodge as much as you like during the 10.5 month season, but you cannot live here and we will require proof of residence at your main home address.

Do lodges come with decking?

Many of our lodges come with decking. If this is not the case with a particular lodge; then you will be able to have decking installed. All works of this nature need to be conducted through the office, using approved suppliers only, to ensure compliance with Park rules and safety regulations.

Can I buy to let?

The answer has to be no! Let’s explain: For many of our owners, the peace and quiet of Conwy Lodge Park is one of the main reasons they chose the park as a destination. Allowing owners to let their lodges would change the dynamic considerably with different holiday making families arriving each week. For this reason we’ve decided that inviting buy to let investors to the development would be against the best interests of our largest customer group.

Can family and friends visit?

Your family and friends can visit as long as you make it available free of charge. The holiday lodge would not be able to be sub-let, but members of your own family and friends would be welcome to stay.

What insurance do I need?

Conwy Lodge Park requires all owners to have adequate insurance for their lodges. You can select your own insurers. You will be required to provide the Park with a copy of your insurance documents each year.

Are pets allowed?

As an owner you are welcome to bring your pets with you. We understand that pets are a part of your family. With regards to dogs the limit is two dogs per lodge. Some large breeds might not be allowed. Please ask for clarification. We ask that dogs are kept under control at all times, and that any fouling by the animal is cleaned up promptly. We also suggest that it is a good idea to have an identity tag for your cat or dog in case the animal goes astray. You might also want to consider micro-chipping.

Is there gas heating?

Here at Conwy Lodge Park we have invested in an underground gas supply direct to your lodge, so you do not have the inconvenience of sourcing heavy gas bottles.

What are the arrangements for speed boats and launching?

If you own a speed boat, we have a secure storage compound in which speed boats are stored. We provide a service where your boat can be delivered to your lodge. Please ask for more information.

Beacons Slipway, Conwy Morfa. This is approx 3 miles (10 mins) from the park. Proof of Insurance and Registration is required for all Powered craft. This slipway is for the use of all craft, including PWC. There are tidal restrictions for launching and recovery: HW +/- 2 hours is recommended unless experienced.

Need Help with Buying Your Holiday Lodge?

To fully find out about how to purchase one of our exclusive lodges we recommend that you Arrange a Viewing.

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