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Visit Tenby like a Pro: 12 Unmissable Tenby Attractions

Love the sound of a bustling historical town right by the coast? Then you must visit Tenby ASAP.

This popular seaside resort in Pembrokeshire has something for everyone, whether you’re looking to head there with a special someone, friends, or your entire family.

To help you plan an unforgettable vacation without missing out on all the best spots, we thought we’d share our all-time favourite Tenby attractions and things to do.

1. Take a postcard-style picture of Tenby Harbour

A sandy beach, rows of floating boats, and pastel-coloured buildings in the background: we really couldn’t picture a more charming harbour.

When you visit Tenby, you should stop here to sunbathe on its sandy beach or enjoy a stroll with a peaceful view.

2. Sail to Caldey Island...

Since you’re already lurking around Tenby Harbour, why not hop on a boat?

Only twenty minutes away and featuring a remote abbey, Caldey Island is still run by Cistercian monks who usually welcome visitors during the summer months (except Sundays).

3. … or walk to St. Catherine’s Island

This tidal island is one of the most photographed Tenby attractions and sights.

Not only is it beautiful to gaze at from the mainland, but it’s home to a fort built during the Napoleonic wars and a unique pattern of tidal caves.

Be sure to time your visit right with its ebb and flow!

4. Check out Tenby Castle

While only the ruins of its tower remain, it’s not every day that you get to see a 12th-century castle perched on top of a hill right by the sea.

Since you’re here, why not check out the old walls too when walking back into town?

5. Find the right beach for you

As well as the one right by the harbour, when you visit Tenby you get to enjoy other unique beaches, too.

If you prefer a sheltered sandy area where your kids can play, you can’t go wrong with Castle Beach.

North Beach is one of the best Tenby attractions for those who prefer dramatic cliffs, the open sea, or even spending a few exciting hours practising water sports. In fact, it’s a popular spot for canoeing, sailing, water-skiing, or even body-boarding.

Fan of coastal walks? Then we definitely have to mention that South Beach is the most spacious one in Tenby.

Or why not take your hike to the next level with the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path?

6. Walk the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path

If you have a few days set aside for when you visit Tenby, don’t forget that this seaside town is right on the famous Pembrokeshire Coastal Path.

186-mile-long, this hike will reward you with unforgettable views of the sea, stacks, natural bridges, and many more villages where you can stop for refreshments.

7. Travel back in time with a 15th-century church

Including a few features dating back all the way to the 13th century, St. Mary’s is a stunning example of late medieval architecture that we definitely recommend adding to your Tenby bucket list.

8. Have a cultural afternoon at the Tenby Museum & Art Gallery...

Looking for Tenby attractions to enjoy with your family? Don’t skip its museum.

As well as telling you more about the history behind this charming seaside town, it includes interesting sections on geology, archaeology, art exhibitions, and… arr, even piracy!

9. … or at the Tudor Merchant’s House

Curious as to what the life of a successful merchant used to look and feel like in 1500?

Then there’s no better place to find out than this three-storey Tudor house.

10. Discover an actual lifeboat station

Although there are quite a few lifeboat stations scattered along the coast, one of them in particular has become a popular Tenby attraction.

This is because the RNLI Lifeboat Station is actually open to the public!

11. Book a spooky ghost walk when the sun goes down

Feeling brave? When you visit Tenby, discover its haunted sights too.

From ghosts to unsolved mysteries, finding out about them at dusk or when the sky is getting dark will only add to the experience.

12. Enjoy some well-deserved refreshments at one of the many cafés and restaurants in Tenby

After so much exploring or fun by the sea, it’s time for some delicious meals and drinks.

Luckily, Tenby has plenty to offer even when it comes to pleasing your tastebuds.

Some popular favourites are Stables for local cuisine, Bramleys Tea Rooms for the best breakfast and lots of veggie options, Heywood Bar & Grill for a special evening meal with drinks, SandBar Cwlbox for a good mix of local and global-inspired dishes, and the charming Fuchsia Caffe.

With so many different Tenby attractions, we’re sure that your Welsh staycation will be nothing short of epic. Be sure to bookmark this list for when you visit Tenby!