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Carp Fishing in North Wales

Carp Fishing in North Wales: Best Spots & Seasons

With a mixture of fisheries and beautiful natural lakes, there are lots of opportunities for carp fishing in North Wales, from the island of Anglesey to the English border. But where to begin?

Here are eight of the best spots for carp fishing in this stunning area.

Best fisheries & locations for carp fishing in North Wales

1. Llyn y Gors - Anglesey

Located on the breathtaking island of Anglesey, this fishery consists of five coarse and carp lakes with something for everyone, from beginners to specimen anglers.

Prices vary depending on what lake you choose and how long you’re planning on staying, ranging from £5 for the pond to £56 if you’d like to reserve your spot for 48 entire hours.

This fishery also includes a tackle shop with everything you could possibly need.

2. Llandegla Fishery - Llandegla

You might have heard of Llandegla since it’s a popular hub for bikers and outdoorsy enthusiasts, but did you know that it’s also one of the best places to go carp fishing in North Wales?

The Llandegla Fishery has two coarse lakes of approximately two acres each. They’re stocked with mirror, common and crucian carp, as well as barbel, bream, roach, tench, rudd, and chub.

It’s also renowned for its quaint cafe where you’ll eat one of the tastiest free-range breakfasts of your life.

While this fishery offers different types of tickets, we especially like the Parent & Child option, one peg and two rods for only £12.

3. Gyrn Castle - Glan yr Afon

Have you considered carp fishing in North Wales right by a grade II listed castle?

That’s certainly something you’ll want to tell your friends before you even start bragging about the size of the fish you caught!

The Gyrn Castle estate is home to two lakes, the largest one (three acres) currently open for fishing and stocked with carp, rudd, and perch.

Tickets are only £5, and anglers are even allowed to bring a guest.

4. Gweryd Lakes Fishery - Mold

First stocked in 1986, the lake of this Mold fishery is brimming with different types of carp: common, ghosties, and—albeit rarer—koi and mirrors.

This lake for carp fishing in North Wales is open from 1st Match to 1st December and, while not for under 14s, offers lots of different ticket options, including four-day spots.

5. Commonwood Leisure - Holt

There’s a reason why this is one of the best carp fishing North Wales spots: this fishery includes several different lakes, each of them unique and for different levels of experience.

Amongst the most popular ones is Snowdon, the specimen pool with fish up to 40lbs. Weston and Llewelyn are ideal for carp ‘runs’: the former can even be fished at night when pre-booked, whereas the latter is slightly harder but even more rewarding. Brecon is a smaller lake that, as well as carp, includes lots of catfish.

Overall, Commonwood offers several fishing and ticket options, both during daytime and night-time.

6. Pen-y-Ffrith Coarse Fishery - Mold

This lesser-known carp fishing North Wales spot is a bit of a hidden gem: perfect if you’re after a friendly environment and a quiet experience.

It consists of two three-acre lakes and a smaller one. The wider ones are stocked with both common and mirror carp, bream, tench, perch, and roach, whereas the other lake focuses on carp and tench.

7. Llyn Syberi - Talycafn, Colwyn Bay

Plunged in nature, this members-only lake is a fifteen-minute drive from our luxury lodge park.

It’s full of crucian carp, bream, perch, tench, roach, eels, chub, and barbel, so you definitely won’t get bored when fishing here.

While there currently isn’t a website for it, you can request information by emailing [email protected] or calling 01492650640.

What is the best month to fish for carp in North Wales?

The best thing about carp fishing in North Wales is that it’s an activity that you can practice pretty much all year round and at different times since carp tend to feed at all hours.

However, while the spring and summer months are usually considered the best for carp fishing, knowing the most tactical times can give you even higher chances of catching them.
For example, during spring, mid-afternoon is a popular choice as that’s when the water tends to get warmer, encouraging feeding activities.

The summer months are more flexible, but fishing during the night is especially recommended.

During autumn, early morning or late afternoon tend to be the most rewarding times, whereas midday is a wise choice in winter.

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