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6 Reasons to Choose a North Wales Staycation for Your 2021 Holidays

Forget about the stress of finding flights and comparing hotel prices in different countries! A North Wales staycation is a much more convenient alternative to a holiday abroad.
Forget about the stress of finding flights and comparing hotel prices in different countries! A North Wales staycation is a much more convenient alternative to a holiday abroad.This is particularly true in 2021 given the—shall we face the elephant in the room?—coronavirus pandemic: why risk flight cancellations and changes in quarantine rules when you can just drive there safely whenever you’re ready?However, a North Wales staycation is a fantastic holiday choice even in more normal times. Here’s why.

Why Plan Your Staycation in North Wales

1. A North Wales staycation is much easier to organise than a holiday abroad

Sometimes you need a holiday just to recover from… organising one!We don’t know why the universe enjoys playing this game, but it always feels that, once you find the right hotel prices, your flights become more expensive. At the same time, if you were to find the perfect plane tickets first, the right hotel would either be fully booked or crazy expensive for those specific dates.When you opt for a North Wales staycation, you don’t have to worry about flights and, when you invest in a holiday lodge there, you can forget about hotels, too.

2. You no longer need to waste so much time travelling

Let’s be honest: the first and last day of your holiday abroad always end up being wasted. From getting to the airport early enough to arranging transport to your hotel, that’s plenty of precious holiday time gone.However, with a North Wales staycation, you’re going to save most of that! This is especially great news if you’re travelling with children, who are unlikely to enjoy such a long back and forth.You can also forget about jet lag and time differences when talking to your friends and family back home.

3. You can take your beloved pets with you

Pets add another element of stress to your flight experience but leaving them behind usually means that you can’t fully enjoy your holiday.A North Wales staycation will allow you to take your pets with you more easily. Plus, they’re going to love all those walks in nature!

4. A staycation is more sustainable

Getting rid of the flight part doesn’t only mean additional peace of mind, but also lower carbon emissions, which is always great news for the environment.

5. There’s plenty to see and do in North Wales

The best thing about a staycation in Wales is that you could have one every year and never get bored. Trust us: we live there!This part of the country is geographically varied and full of beauty spots and hidden gems to discover. With 370 miles of coastline and a 827-square-mile-wide mountainous park, you’ll no longer need to argue when choosing between the mountains and the sea.There are plenty of walks to explore its unpredictable natural landscapes, as well as a variety of tourist attractions ranging from historical landmarks to underground caves and much, much more. Want a sneak peek? Here are the best things to do in North Wales.Another perk is that, because most places are fairly close to each other, when you opt for a welsh staycation you aren’t necessarily tied to a specific town: you can easily go wherever your wanderlust takes you.To give you a head start, here are our 10 top staycation ideas in North Wales.

6. When you invest in a holiday lodge, you get to enjoy a staycation as often as you wish

There are several life-changing benefits of buying a lodge but, together with getting rid of the holiday planning side of things, getting to return to North Wales as often as you desire is our favourite.As well as your longer summer holidays, you’ll be able to enjoy several trips throughout the rest of the year, too.In fact, flying somewhere during the weekend wouldn’t really make sense, as you’d waste more time travelling than enjoying your time there. On the contrary, knowing that you can simply drive or hop on a train to your holiday lodge means you barely have to think about it.Fancy a last-minute break? No more scrambling to find a hotel nor covering additional costs!Conwy Lodge Park is a pet- and child-friendly location that will allow you to plunge yourself in nature while being less than a ten-minute drive from the historical town of Conwy. It’s also a strategic spot to visit other towns in North Wales such as Llandudno, Bangor, Colwyn Bay, the popular island of Anglesey, the Snowdonia national park, and much more.Basically, you’ll get to return to your familiar lodge but enjoy a different North Wales staycation every single time!Get one step closer to your dream holiday by browsing our luxury holiday lodges for sale.

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