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5 best dog-friendly walks in North Wales (paw-approved!)

Are you looking to set off for one of the best dog-friendly walks in North Wales? That’s bound to be a woofing great day out!
Are you looking to set off for one of the best dog-friendly walks in North Wales? That’s bound to be a woofing great day out!While Wales is like a giant open playground with countless paths, some hikes could be a bit too challenging for your furry friends. Luckily, there are lots of dog-friendly walks that you can try without missing out on stunning views.If you’re not sure where to start, here are our favourite ones!

5 of the best dog-friendly walks in North Wales

1. Hike in the forest by Nant Mill Wood

Only a ten-minute drive from Wrexham and yet completely immersed in nature, Nant Mill Wood is an idyllic location that’s perfect to enjoy some fresh air and a long walk.It’s one of the most popular segments of the Clywedog Valley Trail, which stretches for 6.5 miles all the way from Minera Lead Mines to King’s Mill.With two separate dog-friendly footpaths and plenty of running water for them to splash into, this green woodland is a real treat for both you and your four-legged friend.

2. Walk to Llyn Elsi, one of the best dog-friendly walks in North Wales to see a lake

Betws-y-Coed is known for being a small village with lots to do, but it’s also the handy starting point for one of the best dog-friendly walks in North Wales featuring a lake.Consisting of a 3.8-mile loop, the path to Llyn Elsi makes for a pleasant walk in nature and is especially popular for bird watching.You should keep the lead on for most of the path, but you can release your dog once you get to this spectacular lake. We bet it’ll love to roam around it while you take in the beauty of this peaceful valley surrounded by trees.You definitely don’t want to forget your camera!

3. Walk to Llyn Padarn in Llanberis

Do you love the idea of seeing a lake but were hoping for a longer hike? Head towards Llyn Padarn in Llanberis! This is another popular dog-friendly walk in North Wales that allows you to discover the beauty of an ancient glacially formed lake.As well as its fascinating geological side, Llyn Padarn doesn’t disappoint when it comes to wildlife either. It’s known for harbouring a population of rare Arctic charr fish, and you might even see a few otters if you’re lucky! As for its flora, you’ll get to admire quirky species like floating water-plantains and small quillwort.Obviously, its surroundings also offer plenty of breathtaking views. The stretch of the walk alongside the Llanberis Lake Railway (still operating!) is particularly enthralling: it showcases both sedimentary and volcanic rocks that date back to the Cambrian age. Yep, that was around 500 million years ago!

4. Walk to Rhaeadr Ddu waterfalls

Why not add a cheeky visit to a majestic waterfall to your plan for the day? This dog-friendly walk is around 2-mile long but, although relatively short, is certainly not lacking amazing views.Starting by the charming little village of Ganllwyd, you can follow the gurgling River Gamlan upstream. After crossing a bridge, you’ll find yourself in front of the picturesque Rhaeadr Ddu, the ‘black waterfalls’ in Welsh. You and your dog can then venture through the peaceful oak woodland of Coed Ganllwyd, a quiet national nature reserve. Thanks to its wet climate, this gorge is also the site with the most liveworts and mosses in the whole North West Europe.Although you’re never too far from the main road, this forest really looks like you’ve been transported to the other side of the world.Just what you need to recharge your batteries after a long day or week at work!

5. Dog-friendly walk along the towpath in Llangollen

If you weren’t planning on walking for hours through a forest but just enjoying a pleasant stroll with your dog, we recommend the popular towpath in Llangollen.There’s actually plenty more to do in this bustling town, but the towpath by the canal is particularly perfect to let your dog off the lead while you enjoy some peace and quiet or chat with a friend.Whether you decide to head east or west, you’re bound to find plenty of intriguing sights along the way. After all, the entire 11-mile stretch that connects the peculiar horseshoe falls to the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct wasn’t made a UNESCO heritage site for no reason!With adorable little bridges, canal boats and ducks, this towpath is nothing short of quaint and delightful.After enjoying the best dog-friendly walks in North Wales, why not make the most of the coastlines, mountains and forests that this part of the country has to offer? Investing in a holiday lodge in a strategic location will allow you to return to its awe-inspiring landscapes as often as you wish. You might want to bookmark our article on the 25 best walks in North Wales for when you do!

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