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Staycation – is it the new vacation?

A ‘Staycation’ is becoming ever more popular. A staycation being a vacation where you stay at home or in your home country. There are many reasons for the rise in its popularity, read on to find out why:

No long flights, airport stress, delays or recycled air

Of course, staying in your home country means no flying, which has myriad benefits. Firstly, no double checking or triple checking you have that passport and you get to avoid all those airport stresses. Trying to find you boarding gate? Nope. Paying over the odds for a tiny coffee? Nope. Worrying your hand luggage won’t fit the required dimensions, even though you checked it at least 20 times? That’s a nope too! And let’s not forget on-board woes you will miss. Screaming babies and squabbling children, because sure, it may be your baby, but you still don’t want to hear it! That lovely air con that always makes you feel drier than the Sahara and let’s not even talk about the leg room/food/insert your biggest aeronautical peeve here.

Hourglass filled with red sand sitting on a newspaper. The words avoid airport delays to promote a staycation holiday.

Less travel time & no jet lag

Providing you aren’t travelling from one end of the country to the other, chances are your travel time for a staycation will be greatly reduced compared to travelling abroad. Because when you consider the time to airport, waiting times and transfer to your hotel, even a short flight can become a long process. The beauty with a staycation is that you can stay as local as you like and enjoy more holiday, less travel.

Doing your bit for the environment

An added bonus – as flying attributes around 2% of all human-induced carbon emissions (source ) less planes in the sky mean less damage to the environment, which is always a win! And you will also avoid adding to the build-up of pollution around popular airport parking sites and reduce the usage on those roads.

A forest of tall trees and lush green grass with the words 'save our planet'.

Explore your local area

Isn’t it always the way that you bypass the attractions right on your doorstep, yet will travel miles for a day out? The joy of a staycation is that you can be a tourist in your own town, check out all those places that bring people far and wide. You may even be lucky and get a local resident discount.

No need to leave your fur babies

Whether you have a trusted dog sitter or use kennels, it is always hard to leave your beloved pet whilst you jet off. A staycation means you can usually keep your pet with you or at the very least can stay close by, with the reassurance that they will never be far away.

Vintage photo of a dog dressed in mothers clothes pushing a pram of three kittens.

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